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IT professionals area

Quadria is by your side as you evolve towards the world of cloud computing!

Are you an integrator, a distributor, a computer services company or a software publisher? We are offering you the chance to benefit today from an independent and efficient cloud computing infrastructure to enhance your company and its expertise.
The Cloud represents a unique opportunity to develop your solutions but at the same time, it creates certain new issues
  • Should you invest in your own infrastructure, market another manufacturer or publisher’s solutions, rent from a hosting service or create a partnership with a company like Quadria?
  • Above and beyond the infrastructure, how can you create an offer which is serious, technically realistic, simple, durable and competitive?
  • Above and beyond the offer, how can you approach your clients to commercialise it and what is your potential?
  • And finally, above and beyond commercial aspects, what are the legal constraints, what contracts should be put into place, what resources and procedures are necessary to run and manage the service?
Depending on your strategy and your ambitions, you can have your own virtual data centre right now and either manage it autonomously or present to your clients all or part of one of the richest catalogues of solutions currently on the market. Should you choose the latter option, you will still preserve your autonomy, your added value and your independence.
By forming a partnership with Quadria, you will enjoy several advantages:
  • A technical platform which complies with the strictest standards (tier 3+ and tier 4 data centres in compliance with ISO 27001, ASIP…) designed to work as white-label services (
  • A flexibility and a commercial and contractual autonomy that you could not obtain from a hosting provider, a publisher or a manufacturer
  • Our total support, above and beyond the purely technical aspects. Customizable sales tools (price lists, solution data sheets, a configurator program, contracts…)
  • The possibility of delegating all or part of the activity depending on what you do not want to do yourself (installation, assistance, support, management…) whilst keeping total control of your offers and clients
  • A support team which is based in France and working together with a partner who knows the ins and outs of your business and its constraints in terms of respecting the value chain to preserve your added value, your margins and… your clients!

Dell EMEA has chosen Quadria as its exclusive partner to implement its cloud offer for SMEs. So why don’t you?