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Data Backup and Archiving

Simplify the administration of your backup infrastructure

The choice of a backup system is a particularly delicate one as it impacts data security and the company’s intellectual capital..

We will help you comply with French legislation in terms of data protection with a complete range of backup and file synchronization services and BCPs.

Thanks to backup boxes installed on the local network, global data deduplication and bandwidth optimisation, users obtain the same response time as on a local network, even when their data is stored in the cloud.

Manage backup strategies from the central administration interface in the cloud.

Why choose
Quadria ?

  • Backups are stored in two data centres located in France
  • Data deduplication reduces the volume of data to be stored, both in the local backup box and the cloud
  • Granular recovery technology enables direct access to critical data
  • Centralized management via a simple portal with secure access
  • Support for deployment and implementation of backup strategies is included in the initial implementation costs.

A packaged offer

The data is protected in two data centres

Storage capacities:
73 Go, 146 Go, 300 Go, 600 Go, 1,2To, 2,4To, 3,6To, 4,8To, 8,4To

Cloud backup of

  • systems
  • applications
  • office suite data

Granular restore from the local box or the cloud

Direct access to backup data via the cloud portal

Collaborative sharing of backup data via the cloud portal

The local administration interface allows you to:

  • select which data to backup
  • select which data to restore
  • adjust the parameters limiting bandwidth

The centralized administration interface in the cloud is used to manage backup strategies.


Integral backups, a simple and economical solution

Quadria offers a simplified backup solution that ensures the highest levels of security at a very low price.

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