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Peugeot dealership SCA SIASO (259 employees) embraces the transition to electronic documents and a DMS solution..

CMB-Quadria have installed a complete solution for document management in Peugeot SCA SIASO thereby replacing paper by electronic documents.

Using PlanetPress to transform the daily stock printouts into emails sent to those persons concerned and only printing in an A4 format whenever possible resulted in a considerable reduction in the volume of documents printed and made the company’s extremely costly dot-matrix printers redundant.

The solution chosen for managing documents electronically was to use small desktop scanners equipped with Iris Power Scan and Therefore software so that all after sales and HR documents were scanned, then automatically filed and archived: this solution provided an efficient indexed filing system which not only reduced printing costs, but also time spent filing and searching for documents, and the risk of error as well as costs linked to transporting documents (it did away with the shuttles between the sites transporting files concerning new and pre-owned vehicles).