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Groupe Notariat Services

Reducing printing costs thanks to Management Print Services

Eric LEVESQUE, network administrator at Groupe Notariat Services (communication of real estate information to solicitors’ firms – 75 employees – 2 sites – located in Pompadour) selected Quadria’s offer as it was the best solution for reorganising the group’s printing activity

« Rationalising costs has led to savings of 8000 € per year. The amount of money saved by doing away with office printers and reorganising the work habits of the company’s staff is very impressive!

Thanks to the E-maintenance system, Quadria’s technicians are advised in real time of any dysfunctions, but above all of the need to replenish toner supplies. I personally now have very little to do in terms of managing the copiers. With Quadria, I have obtained the local and personal service I was looking for.
A special mention goes to Quadria who I have to thank for having provided the perfect solution to our needs and for working to continue improving our printing system, without increasing costs – quite the contrary in fact!”

We have implemented a DMS using eCopy to manage incoming mail and uniFLOW for printing which has led to a further reduction in costs. This solution provides significant savings for a minimal investment and the audit reports help the team to become more aware of how their behaviour plays a role in these changes.