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Quadria, Outsourcing Made to Measure

Quadria is a privately owned French company whose core business is the integration of information systems. Although company size is not an objective in itself, it is noteworthy that Quadria has gradually increased its market share and today ranks in the Top 5 amongst comparable companies in the domestic market.
Historically, Quadria has always been steeped in a regionally diverse approach to its business and the major part of its added value resides in the local nature of its services, which contrasts with those organisations that are concentrated solely on major cities.
Company investments have the clear objective of developing new activities that are directly related to our core business activity, for example Quadria intends to occupy a prominent position in cloud computing with the provision of managed services, hosting and software as a service (SaaS).


Amongst some 5000 clients who place their trust in us on a daily basis are…
  • Major accounts: EDF, SNCF, Véolia, GDF Suez, Sodexo...
  • Local authorities and administrations: regional, county and municipal councils…
  • Public bodies: CCI, CRAM, CNAM, OPAC, SDIS…
  • Banks and insurance companies: Crédit agricole, Banque populaire, BNP, Groupama…
  • Educational institutions: secondary schools/high schools, engineering schools, ESC…
  •  Health institutions: hospitals and medical centres
  • Thousands of SMEs: more than 2000 service contracts. 
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Our Sales Organisation

Quadria’s sales organisation is organised by geographical region (6) and area of activity (4).
  • Network architecture and telecommunications, sale of hardware and software solutions and provision of relevant services
  • Infrastructure and cloud computing
  • Business management solutions for SMEs
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Partnership Strategy

Quadria is committed to providing solutions and products based on strong partnerships with leading IT companies.
By virtue of its volume of business, Quadria benefits from direct contracts with such strategic IT suppliers as HP, Dell, Samsung, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Microsoft, VMware, Kaspersky... as well as having specific dedicated correspondents within these companies.
Quadria is attentive to the recent initiatives of our partners to develop policies in favour of the environment and sustainable development. This is why both our purchasing and sales practices take into account environmental criteria: the precepts of sustainable development inform our choice of suppliers and explain our provision of services in terms of recycling.
Quadria’s team of experts possess all the certifications for the material and software in the catalogue and participate in the development of new products (beta versions and pre releases...).

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Key Figures


AceCom’s consolidated turnover in 2018 (for the financial year ending March 31st 2019) reached 112M€. With 19sites and a client base of more than 5000 SMEs, as well as key public and private accounts, Quadria has a wide-reaching geographical coverage that is almost unequalled in the profession, to which can be added 30 more sites in Euralliance’s IT solutions network. This combination means we are a market leader in the provision of local IT services..

A local provider

AceCom has 337 employees spread over 19 sites.
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The group is a long-standing partner of BPI France (a publicly-owned company financing innovation in French SMEs) and a member of the Oséo Excellence community and as such considers innovation to be imperative. Our latest submission dates from the start of 2011 and deals with the design and implementation of innovative services in the field of cloud computing.


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With neither factories, nor oil wells or fleets of ships, the main asset of a group such as ours lies in our human resources and the skill sets of our personnel. It is therefore hardly surprising that we invest massively in training and put into place long-term structured programmes to develop the skills of our teams. The current 2012-2013 plan has received the support of the European Social Fund. In our opinion, the very least we can do is offer our clients the highest level of expertise.